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Hi there, livejournal.


Or whoever the hell's reading this.

I guess, uh, I'll give a few things to say about myself then.

One:  I ramble. Somehow I got on a tangent about hot sauce with my violin teacher today.
Two:  I make no sense.
Three:  Sometimes, I feel like I'm fucking bipolar.  Never take what I have to say seriously.  Half the time it's a fucking cry for attention (sobsob, emochild, deal with it you fuckers), other times I'm just trying to be tough and strong (trust me, i'm not), or I'm just being fucking cold.  Honestly?  I very rarely actually give a fuck about what's going on.  I guess i've been fucked over too much to care, eh?  HOLYSHITMYBUTT'SVIBRATING.  oh wait, that's my phone.  Yup, daniel.  Texts me about 14 hours a day. ;\  "Hello?"  Apparently one of his texts didn't get through.
...Told ya I ramble.
Four:  I try to play up my weaknesses to get sympathy.  Oh well.
Five:  I'm a sour little fucker who hates people.
Six:  I hate spicy food.
Seven:  I am the worlds biggest muthafucking hypocrite.
Eight:   I probably actually couldn't care less.
Nine:  I act like a spazz merely to get laughs.  Even if its laughing at me, instead of with me, I still get people to laugh. ^-^
Ten:  Sometimes I act like a slut just to see who wants me.  o_o
Eleven:  I want to stab my older brother.
Twelve:  I can't fucking wait to move out.
Thirteen:  This is my favorite number.  Love it, bitches.
Fourteen:  I got a live journal just cuz my friends had one.  And stuff.  Yea.
Fifteen:  I am a violent little weirdo.

Yea.  I'm hungry.  God damnit.  D;
Dinner time.  Gotta go.
I'll post more later?  Idk.  Probably not.  Cya.


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Jan. 11th, 2009 11:52 pm (UTC)
Ten: Sometimes I act like a slut just to see who wants me. o_o

...well then lol
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