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She thinks my tractor's Sexyyy

 It really turns her oooon
She's always starin' at meee

New favorite song.

Anyways, I was linked back here because someone linked me a blog of some random russian dude who had posted about twenty Red Panda pictures.  Of course, my mind exploded from teh cute.  I love adorable animals.
SO, from where we left off.
I went to South Dakota with my mom for three days to visit my grandparents. All in all, a very good visit.  Not much happened but I saw a modernized version of Cinderella preformed a la ballet.  It was pretty epic, although I thought it would be really fuckin' boring.
We then went up to Ely, Minnesota.  Mom stayed up there with me and Lindsey and Maggie for a day, before deciding I was safe.  After that, it was just me, the boyfriend's mother, and the dog.  Surprisingly uneventful.  That Friday, we drove down to Duluth where Daniel had flown in to pick the boy up.  His mom let him stay in my room (Not my idea, actually, and I would have preferred him to claim the upstairs -- HE IS SO MESSY) and then left for two days, leaving us alone for the Super Bowl.
I got to drive a car!  =]  Daniel and I were trying to go to the supermarket and their pathetic Prius (I love Prius', but they're not cars, they're lunchboxes) couldn't get up the icy driveway.  So Daniel, being the macho-man he is, got ME (who has never driven ANYTHING) to drive and steer the car while he pushed.  =]  It didn't work, so eventually he just figured out how to get it to go up with some fancy tinkering with the peddles.
So we got the groceries, then came back.
Okay I completely skipped a day.  That was Sunday when I drove.  on Saturday, I got up kind of ridiculously early to go to my internship and went snowshoeing.  It was AWESOME.  I promised myself I wouldn't fall and ended up falling twice, the most out of everyone.  I went snowshoeing with one of the Wolf Center employees and a bunch of tourists.  One of the aforementioned tourists would NOT shut up about "Kids these days" and I wanted to smack him over the head.  But of course I didn't because I am a level headed, mature teenager, unlike the people who he was stereotyping and wanted to prove it.
So after we went snowshoeing we dropped one guy off at a sled dog place and I went completely nuts over the dogs.  Whee.
Then I went back to the cabin, was told to show up at 6:30, showed up late, and wasn't let inside because NO ONE WAS IN THE OFFICE.  *rage*  So Daniel and I looked around for an open entrance, I got snow in my shoes, and then we gave up and bought pizza.
So then.  The next week was uneventful, except for Friday, when we went SNOWMOBILING AT NIGHT.  Fuck yea.
So what did I do up there, anyways?
I did a lot of organizing, learning, and watching the six wolves they had there.
Then I drove home with Daniel's Mom (not fun), missed Katsucon, and then got some fish since they all died.
I got an eel.  his name is Fred.  I got a clown loach that was so stupid he got stuck in a plastic vase and then the plastic plant.  Then he died.
And three bumblebee gobies.  They're ridiculous.
So then the next weekend I bought some zebra danios.  As soon as I put them in the tank, one of them swims to the bottom and Fred gobbled him up.
God damnit, Fred.

Other than that, life's goin' pretty smooth.

OH!  Dad got DISCUS!  at last!  they're funny lookin.