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Created while sober. 

Step One:  After hearing about the zombie virus outbreak, I will create a small harness for my gecko so I can keep him with me while traveling.
Step Two:  Bottle up as much water as possible while it is still running.
Step Three:  Pack a bag.  It shall be filled with 2 pairs of jeans, 3 shirts, 2 bras, and as many socks and pairs of undies as I can fit.  Other things will include pencils, one notebook, my baby blanket, my miniature fishing rod, two radios, a knife, and as much steel wool and batteries as I can find.
Step Four:  Pack everything up in the attic in my room.  The only way to get up there is by a secret staircase in the ceiling!  Perfect hiding spot.  
Step Five:  If my family is not okay, I will steal a car and find some weapons, mostly swords.  I will also gather up all those i can find/fit into the car, including domesticated animals.  Damn straight.  
Step Six:  Take them all up into my little hiding spot.
Step Seven:  Wait until things cool off/ the disease is controlled.
Step Eight:  If the disease cannot be controlled or the world is simply in chaos, go north.  Very far north.  Up to Canada.  Past the frost line if possible.
Step Nine:  ????
Step Ten:  PROFIT!

Or, more likely, once I become a parasiteologist, I will create a parasite that sucks onto the brains of living and recently dead humans and recreates life, but not a mind.  I will also come up with a vaccine that I shall give to myself and few special others.
I'd recommend getting on my good side.