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Slashfic I'm writing

Madarame Ikkaku was glad to be back in Seiretei.  He was glad to be back in his private quarters, the 11th division's 3rd seat's large suite in Zaraki Kenpachi's house, which also functioned as the unofficial headquarters of the division.  Most of all, he was glad to be back in the division leaders' personal hot springs.
His head lay on his towel, folded on top of the smooth stone that lined the banks of the warm pools.  His muscular, smooth arms lay perpendicular to his head, caressing the rock.  [Enter name of Zanpakutoh here] was, of course, just a hair's breadth away.
Steam rose, dancing across his bare, exposed skin.  Droplets of sweat mingled with the water vapor, rolling smoothly down his hairless frame.  The black sky above him filled with rising steam, which vanished in to the air.  His shiny head rose, and he angrily shouted an order: "Oi!  Turn the lights off!  I can't see the stars!"
The lights promptly went out, but it still took a minute for the blurry stars to show, as other lights around the establishment dimmed.  Relaxation at it's best, he noted.
Drowsiness set in, and his eyes dropped shut, showing off the red tattoos by his eyes.  Unbidden, as his mind wandered, thoughts of the woman whom he spent the past few weeks with crept into his mind.  Matsumoto-chan... her supple chest, always half bare, smooth skin, rich blond hair...
Arousal arrived.  Peeking one eye open, he looked around to assure himself he was alone.  He felt no other reiatsu within fifty meters, anyway.  Slowly he lifted his hand of the warm stone and plunged it into the hot water.
His pelvis was embarrassingly bald, shiny like his head.But as his manhood throbbed in his hand, thoughts crept out of his mind, except for the image of Matsumoto-san.  Slowly moving her hands to her bosom, peeling back the layers of her shinigami garb until it was all gone...
Panting now, his hand wrapped around his pride as a man, moving up and down, up and down...
And the dressing room door shot open, jolting Ikkaku out of his reverie, who bolted upright and, after shooting his hand out of the water, grabbed the hilt of his Zanpakutoh out of pure shock.
A body leaped through the dark air, slim and bare, bob-cut black hair breezing lightly behind him.  It was then Ikkaku recognized the reiatsu of the intruder.  Yumichika cannonballed into the water, splashing a now irate Ikkaku.  Damnit, if he was going to get blue balls...!
The pretty boy emerged from the water, running his slender hand through his perfect black-blue hair, which still remained sleek and glossy despite the water.  Eyes blinked open, and the purple irises focused on Ikkaku.
"Hey, how's it going?"  Yumichika smiled, his teeth still glistening in the low light.  Ikkaku was glad for the cover of darkness.
"It was going pretty well, till ya showed up," he uttered, wiping his face dry with his hand, which had now emptied itself of his zanpakutoh.  "Why the hell did ya think it was a good idea to cannonball in here?!"
"Didn't seem like a bad idea.  I just got so excited to relax for the first time in a while, you know?"
"God you're so excitable."  Madarame rolled his eyes, focusing them at the shadowed wall.  For whatever reason, even with the naked man standing in front of him, his cock remained firm, threatening to peak out of the water.  "Why-- why don't you relax somewhere else?"
"Awwh, aren't we friends?  I can relax best around you!"
The statement struck him for a second -- that sounded like something a lover would say -- but he recovered quickly.  "Yea, well, I don't around you."
"Buh... Buh..."  Was that brat about to cry? "...Wait... you were playing the skin flute, weren't you?"  The tone in Yumichicka's voice told him that he was grinning sneakily, like he did whenever he thought he discovered something that someone wanted to hide.  But....
"What the hell does that mean?"
"It's..."  Yumichika was momentarily flustered.  "A more beautiful way of saying beating it."  He nodded sternly, folding his arms.
Eyes narrowed.   "What now?"
Voice raised, "Do I really have to say it?  You were totally... oh it's such an ugly word... Masturbating!"
Ikkaku shot out of the water, an accusatory finger pointed.  "HELL NO I WAS NOT!"
A moment passed.  It took Ikkaku a few seconds to notice Yumichika's lowered eyes.  He lowered his own eyes, to see where the girly boy was staring with such intent -- the only beam of light visible shown intently on his massive boner.
"It's... beautiful..."
"WHAT?!"  Ikkaku was taken aback.  Literally.  He tripped backwards over the rocky seats of the pool, his arms bracing himself against the rough ground.  Could it get any more awkward?
Yumichika bent inwards, an arm on either side of Ikkaku's waist, groping the rocks.  His face was just an inch away from Ikkaku's manly man part, and he had to resist shuddering from the sensation of Yumichika's breath on it.
"It's... perfect.  It's quite... quite large enough to please a woman..." Yumichika said, tilting his head from side to side, "But not necessarily enough to hurt one...  So clean... I just want to..."
His tongue hesitantly curled around Ikkaku's 'second head.'  Madarame wanted to cry out, to make it stop... but it felt so good.  From somewhere deep inside himself, he felt a creeping satisfaction take over his body.
"OH LORD WHAT AM I DOING!???!"  Yumichika had pulled away, covering his mouth.  "I am so sorry I dunno what came over me--"
Ikkaku raised a fist, and towered over his friend.
"You little tease I'll teach you to do that!  BEND OVER, BITCH!"
A terrified Yumichika had no choice but to comply, trembling.  Madarame's rough hands pulled him around so that he faced the rocks, his arms bracing himself so that his beautiful face did not get scratched on the rough stone.  A shudder ran through his slender body as Madarame moved his calloused hands from Yumichika's waist, instead going over to each of his cheeks, spreading them apart.  His best friend was not gentle as he bent over, tongue sticking out, to lubricate Yumichika's least touched of all spots. Yumichika gasped at the strange sensation of being licked there, the strange intrusion almost pleasurable.  Suddenly it stopped, and Yumichika braced himself.
An explosion of pain ran throughout his body as Madarame thrust into it.  Without a hint of grace, he pulled backwards and forwards, thrusting into Yumichika repeatedly as he had his pleasure.  Yumichika was gasping as the pain changed to pleasure and tremors racked his body.  The sensation… It was beautiful.  It was the perfect mixture of pain, pleasure, humility and power, especially as he sensed Madarame receiving an amount of pleasure equal or exceeding his.  Soon, Madarame's constant thrusting slowed.
Yumichika sensed a shudder run through Madarame's muscular body and his breathing change into a heavy panting, and he sensed Madarame's thick manhood throbbing intently inside of his body.  With a slight squelch, Madarame slowly pulled out, still panting.  He turned around almost instantly, falling onto one of the rocks lining the wall.  His breathing slowed, until he noticed that Yumichika was sitting on the wall, his legs only in the water.  His slender but long manly part was erect, his womanly fingers surrounding it in a rough and clumsy manner, rubbing up and down.
Then it hit Madarame exactly what he had done.  Had he… Had he just raped his friend?
"Ah you're… more conscious now…" Yumichika said between stiff intakes of air.  "Now, If you don't want me to report any of this to Zaraku," he added with a slight shudder of pleasure, "this being the fact you just raped me, I respect some fun in return."
Madarame knew full well that Yumichika was completely able to not just tell the story in a twist that would benefit him, but also able to force him into satisfying his own pleasure.  Shaking, he stood up and turned around, taking the same position Yumichika took a few minutes before. Then he heard a slight chuckling.
"No, no.  I don't want to wear myself out doing you.  You will, of course, suck my thing of beauty."  He motioned to his throbbing penis, an evil glare catching the light.  Madarame knew he had no choice but to comply.  Shakily and warily, he moved towards Yumichika's part, and put his arms on either side of the slender boy's waist.  As he stood and contemplated a way of getting out of this, Yumichika grabbed the back of his head and thrust it forward, as he himself bent over.  "You do this," he whispered sweetly, "Or I will make sure you can never get with a woman again." 
With that threat in his ear, Madarame instantly put Yumichika's member onto his lips.  It wasn't an unpleasant taste or sensation.  In fact, it was slightly salty in an almost pleasant way, and the texture was not too bad at all.  He got more and more into it, eventually running his tongue over the length of it, much to Yumichika's expressed enjoyment.  He let out a moan into the steamy air as Madarame thrust as much of it as he could into his mouth, gently bobbing his head backwards and forwards to please Yumichika.
Almost as soon as it had started, Yumichika let out a slight yell, almost a squeal, of delight, shudders racking his body.  Yumichika grabbed Madarame's head, thrusting it further over his part.  This time it was Yumichika's cock that throbbed, expelling a whitish liquid that tasted not unpleasant.  Absentmindedly, he swallowed it, then pulled back as he wiped his mouth.
The lights turned on, and a towel-glad Zaraku Kenpachi approached them.  His eyes widened.
"What…  What were you two doing?"  His voice was soft at first, then grew into a roar.
Yumichika and Madarame quickly got out, scrambling so quickly away that they forgot their towels.  It wasn't quick enough.  Kenpachi quickly caught up and swung with the back of his sword, throwing them a great distance.  Right into the infirmary, where they ended up staying for a good amount of time.
"At least it was worth it," Madarame caught himself thinking.

Oh god what is this I don't even.