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Man am I weird

What makes me happier than anything else, even when I'm really angry, 100% of the time?
A lizard between my boobs.

A few weeks ago I got a leopard gecko from one of my coworkers (I work in a tropical fish store, and thus everyone who works there loves animals; he happens to breed geckos.  So, after purchasing this beautifully patterned gecko for merely $10 (Purchasing one at even a low-end store like Petco could run you into the $100 range, and they're no where near as well patterned as this guy), I brought him home and watched the movie Glory with my family.  After our first intermission (mom's first of many potty breaks), I brought him down to keep me entertained (While it's a good movie, it's too bloody for my taste).  After a little bit of coaxing he cuddled up under a little cave I made out of my hands and fell asleep for the rest of the movie.
After a little bit of research I realized that Leopard Geckos are actually one of the more sociable of the gecko species, which is quite true.
So Gezpacho, as I named him, is now my internet surfing buddy.  But here's the thing -- he stays in my cleavage.
He likes to curl up where it's nice and warm, and well, my bra tends to also make a comfy bed for him.
Sometimes his little head pokes out from in between my boobs, looking up at me, making the cutest little face!  Of course, that's his normal face, but it is the cutest little face.

I digress.

Working in a fish store is awesome.

I need a giant tank.

My parents won't let me go to Colorado because I don't have the money because I need to spend it on a tank for my fish.

It's obnoxious.

That and it's $500 for round-trip tickets for a two day trip.


God am I strange.